Energy Bracelets & Jewelry


The benefits of wearing a Chakra Healing Bracelet are endless and the most important benefit is that it helps you to bring awareness to your 7 chakras acting as a reminder to keep them open at all time.
The benefits of magnetic bracelets all start with improving your circulation. The magnets in the bracelet can draw more blood to the arm and wrist because of the iron in your blood. 
Reduces Inflammation, Promotes Relaxation, Improves Sleep.
If you are someone who is sensitive to beauty and energy, you will respond to these qualities in gemstones both intuitively and physically. You can immediately feel the impact of a gemstone in your energy field. You will feel even a small gemstone brought into your energy field as strengthening or weakening. This is the basis of healing with gemstones and energy medicine. Simply by wearing a favorable gemstone on your body, you are able to influence your energy field in ways that you choose intentionally.